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Feb 23

Behind the Scenes on Our Love Shoot

Our ‘Love Shoot’ was so much fun to complete, working again with the lovely Kernow Dream Photography and Madame Tashys Beauty Boutique, as well as having Madame Tashy model for us. We were also honoured to have model Jen on board and Leanne from Love Lights to lend us the lighting.

The shoot was created in a friends living room, which had excellent lighting, using Lisa’s white backdrop and studio lights.

Tashy created the Make Up look using pink tones to match with the dresses and vintage inspired Love Heart hair styles.


We had loads of fun putting the shoot together and shooting our two ‘Love Dresses’ which are available now to buy on the website.

Pink & White Love Heart Dress:

Pin Up Love Heart Dress:



Photo Credit: Kernow Dream Photography




Jan 19

Bring on the Girls!!! Take Me Out Week 3

My dress is:

Week 3 and still no nearer to a date to the Isle of Fernando’s!!! At least its another excuse to wear Silly Old Sea Dog Number!

There have been a couple of matches so far and I have made an incredible group of friends, so even if I don’t get a date, at least I’ve made some excellent friends from the experience.


This week I have on:


Ooh and these have just gone into the sale – 20% off!


Hair Accessory: A little flower corsage I made myself.

Shoes: Red sequin Bow shoes by Kurt Geiger

Here is a little teaser of the show:

This week we had, Andrew, Ross, Matt and Jamie. Matt was the first guy to get a blackout this series, but will there be more?

I actually felt really bad for him getting a blackout, as I hate to think how nervous you must be coming down the love lift!

No Twitter bitching about me this week, which was nice! Ha ha! But also no date, will week 4 be my lucky week???????


Jan 19

Let the Ballard See The Boys ……… Take Me Out, Week 2

So, were into week 2 of Take Me Out. Yet again I got to show off some Silly Old Sea Dog designs!

For week 2 (10th January) I wore our Cartoon Dress, which has been one of the most popular of our dresses and we still have a few of these in stock!

For my hair accessory I wore the glittery duck, which I love and so did the girls and stylists on set, however my duck caused quite a stir on Twitter! (I’ve included some of them below).

My dress is:



Shoes: Red Sequin Dolly Shoes, by Kurt Geiger


The guys we had for show 2 were: Chris, Liam, Colin and Pete – I actually tuned my light off for all of them this week, lets hope for some more fitties for week 3!

Show 3 is 8.05pm Saturday 17th January.