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Bridesmaid Dress Service

If you are looking for Silly Old Sea Dog dresses to be made into bridesmaid dresses for your big day, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a range of dresses available to order in UK sizes 6-28 and in a selection of circular and pencil skirts.

All of our fabulous dresses are handmade in the UK to order and we would be more than happy to work with you and your wedding colours. We are supplied by a number of fabric stores and therefore can offer you a large range of options for your colour scheme and order especially for you.

Our dresses are 100% cotton, therefore they can be washed and tumble dried, and as they are made from cotton they are also highly wearable after the wedding for your lovely ladies – maybe for nights out or for special occasions?

Please email us initially: sillyoldseadog@yahoo.co.uk

Alison x

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Alex & Lisa’s Wedding – 2016

Lucy & Phil's Wedding - August 2014

Lucy and Phil’s Wedding – August 2014

Bridal Photoshoot for Ultimate Wedding Magazine

Bridal Photoshoot for Ultimate Wedding Magazine