Edward Foundation Bulldog Dog Bow (Charity Item)


Product Description

Handmade Large Hair Bow in Bulldog fabric.

Our bows are made from 100% Cotton, so can be washed in machine if required. You can also tumble dry and iron them.

Bow comes with a brooch pin on the back, so that you can attach it to your dogs collar, lead or harness.

Handmade in the UK by Silly Old Sea Dog.

About This item:

Our Bulldog collection is raising much needed funds for the Edward Foundation – a charity that rescues Bulldogs in need. 20% of the selling price from this item and all of the items in our Bulldog collection will be donated to the foundation.

My British Bulldog, Holly was rescued in 2016 by the Edward Foundation, if you have visited us at our dog-friendly events you may have been lucky enough to meet her. holly was taken into the care of the foundation after living in a home with no running water and where she was being used and abused for over breeding. She had been bred three times, each time having a c-section, and her final litter all died.

Without the Edward Foundation stepping in, Holly would no doubt still be living there and have probably had more litters of puppies.

You can read more about the Edward Foundation and where your money is going here

Here are some of the lovely doggies looking for homes now!

Product Details: 


Size: Our bows are approximately 14 x 11cm (5.5″ x 4.3″)

We have our bows available for your dog (with a brooch clip attachment) or for yourself (with a crocodile clip attachment), so you can have a Mummy and pooch matching look.

About Us:

Silly Old Sea Dog’s studio is based in Newquay, UK where our items are designed, our hair accessories are all made here by our local team. We are passionate about producing in the UK and offering something different from that available from the chain stores. Many of our hair accessories have coordinating dresses. Our collection of dresses are all designed in Newquay and then produced by our small factory in Scotland. We design all of the patterns ourselves and produce them in quality designer cotton fabrics.

Our products are based on 1950’s designs, but designed for modern day living, we just love the shapes and silhouettes of the era!

We ship our garments all over the world – For accessories delivered in the UK they should arrive within 1 week of order, for European deliveries within 2 weeks and for Worldwide destinations they can take up to 3 weeks. Faster shipping options are available for all of our products.

All of our garments are made in short runs, so if you see something you like, make sure to snap it up straight away!