1950’s Style Retro Gamer Dress with Sleeve


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• Made in the UK in our factory in Scotland
• Dress Made from 100% Cotton
• Available in UK sizes 6-24
• Skirt length to the knee

Lovely dress with full circular skirt made in a traditional 1950’s style and using 1950’s inspired patterns. Made from 100% Cotton in a fun Retro Gaming Pacman design, with centre back zip, the dress is made to be worn with a petticoat (not provided) to allow for a fuller finished look.

All of our new dresses are now lined with Silly Old Sea Dog Fabric and HAVE POCKETS!

Petticoats can be purchased here (our short petticoats are recommended for sizes up to 16 and our long petticoats for sizes 18 plus).

Size 6 – 16, 50cm gathered skirt: £109.00 (Approx €125.00 / $132.00)

Size 18 – 24, 62cm gathered skirt: £119.00 (Approx €137.00 / $144.00)

Suitable for machine washing and tumble dry safe

Belts are not included, our selection of belts are featured here

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Poppy is wearing a size 6 and George a size 14.

About us:

Where does my dress come from? Read about our UK production cycle here

Silly Old Sea Dog’s studio is based in Newquay, UK where our items are designed, our hair accessories are all made here by our local team. Our collection of dresses are all designed in Newquay and then produced by our small factory in Scotland. We are passionate about manufacturing in the UK and offering something different from that available from the chain stores. We design all of the patterns ourselves and produce them in quality designer cotton fabrics.
Our products are based on 1950’s designs, but designed for modern day living, we just love the shapes and silhouettes of the era!

We ship our garments all over the world – For dresses delivered in the UK they should arrive within 4 working days of order, for European and US deliveries within 7 working days and for other Worldwide destinations they can take up to 14 working days. Faster shipping options are available for UK customers, by choosing the Next Day Deliver option.

All of our garments are made in short runs, so if you see something you like, make sure to snap it up straight away!

5.00 out of 5

review for 1950’s Style Retro Gamer Dress with Sleeve

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Throughout my childhood I spent most of my weekends at a roller skating rink with a wooden floor and a small arcade. Initially Saturday’s afternoon skates contained a dilemma- what to do with the last fifty cents of my weekly allowance? One game of Ms. Pacman, or two? Or a chance at the squirt ring in the grab and pull machine that I could never seem to get? The dilemma quickly faded the better I became at Ms. Pacman. At first the skating rink only had Pacman, and the older kids would take my quarters and “play” my games for me, in order to “get me to the next level.” I was six years old, and Pacman/video games did not hold much appeal. I wanted the squirt ring that I could fool people with, and say, “thanks for taking my quarters sucka!” However, when the rink got Ms. Pacman the game finally made sense: She had a pink bow, the screen was pink, and I learned that if I kept to a pattern, I could not only beat the game, I could earn so many “lives” that I wouldn’t need that extra quarter, though I never did get the squirt ring out of the grab and pull machine. Ms. Pacman became my obsession. Hence, when I saw Silly Old Sea Dog’s “Gamer Dress” I about lost my mind. Most prominent on this dress are Pacman’s electric blue maze, and the dotted yellows of Pacman and his power pellets, the reds of blues and greens of the ghosts and the fruits (including the watermelon) are in the background. I’m glad that it is the blue screen of Pacman instead of Ms Pacman- I think the pink would be too much. The electric blues remind me of what a bad-ass I felt like when I finally made it to the blue screen of the second level of Ms. Pacman, and later really becoming a Pacman and video game geek when I got an atari at home. The dress is can be paired with a red belt, that I ended up also ordering, and red petticoat that really makes everything pop, which I have yet to indulge in. I wore it for my first day of school this year, without the belt, and last week to the La Lunada poetry reading, paired with a royal blue cropped sweater. (I almost wish I had gotten the blue bow belt instead of the red, though they are reasonably priced and I might order it yet.) The sleeves are a perfect three quarter length, and the waist is not quite an empire, but up a little high, and can be cinched with a belt. The circle skirt is charming- and in a way reminds me of a 1950’s style skating dress. The fit is rather generous- When I first inquired about the dress, Alison had only a UK size twelve (which is a US size 8 and I am a 10), but assured me that the fit ran a little large and was to my measurements (38, 30, 42). Most impressively I received the dress in a week. This dress is perhaps the most special dress in my entire wardrobe- not just because it is handmade and not sweatshop labor, but because I just turned 41 and it is a fashionably fun way to celebrate something I loved when I was a kid. Needless to say I adore the spirit of Silly Old Sea Dog’s prints and am eying the rest of their collection- namely the glow in the dark ghost dress, and the atomic cats!

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